Monday, July 13, 2015

Goodbye - 2

The slightest anguish and a heavy heart that weigh me down and let tears swell from deep within a melancholy core singing the chorus of a tragic tune, make me so circumspect, make me lose all focus and make me feel alone.

Tripping over wires and lines during wistful recollections of easy silence and lazy talk, of complete comprehension and unwavering honesty and falling through a sieve of disarming alacrity, landing gently on cloud of innocent affection

Standing, wondering, fearing, the inevitable moment, that final instant when the cord finally snaps, everything falls apart and we stand staring into oblivion, where words spoken do not echo and all fond visions just disappear, leaving fragments of memories that we try to grasp at, yet fail to recreate, the fondness notwithstanding.

All journeys must finally end, some take one back to the start and others end in uncertain parts, however all the longing for it to continue must eventually cease as all the memories gradually amalgamate and moist eyes reflect infrequent nostalgia and images of what might have been had we not had to say Goodbye...

- Adieu ma petite fille

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