Sunday, December 28, 2014

The World I could imagine in the last 30 minutes

Cute cats and Pretty flowers,
Macabre tales and epic fantasies,
Men and women with balls and bats,
And racquets and sticks,
Men and women bleeding and dying,
Social networks and weblogs,
Office banter and cheap gossip,
Internet porn and cheap prostitutes,
Meth and smack and crack cocaine,
Fancy gadgets and antique clockwork,
Three star restaurants and highway diners,
Motion pictures and TV dramas,
Comedies and tragedies,
Action and romance,
Mighty mountains and deep valleys,
Vapid rivers and turbulent seas,
Heavy rain and Bright sunshine,
Governments and citizens,
Thatched huts and marble mansions,
Clay pots and silver spoons,
Empty bellies and wasted food,
Unreliable memories and sincere thoughts,
Bondage and freedom,
Sensual scents and horrible odors,
Starlit skies and sweeping plains,
Bountiful crops and ruinous famines,
Naturalism and Abstraction,
Silent melodies and loud cacophony,
Bicycles and motor cars,
Deep books and paperweights,
Unexpected disease and accidents,
Superciliousness and nods of recognition,
Non sequitur and ad hominem,
Laziness and then some more,
Medicines and placebos,
Knowledge and Ignorance,
Conflicting ideals and compromises,
Real friends and enemies,
War and peace,
Day and night,
Prose and poetry,
Nothingness and the Holy God

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