Sunday, May 19, 2013

Changes - I

As once the sun rose, it now sets.

The Gentle steps of time, at oft uneasy pace,
bringing changes, slight, so hard to embrace.

Faces morphing; baby, child, youth, then adult;
Wrinkles, before I make acquaintance with one,
another slowly makes its presence felt

Inspirations vacillating, childhood heroes,
now retired, fairy tales all now, untold
chivalry, bravery, kindness, truthfulness;
passion, adventure, desire, love,
all separated from boyhood innocence

Different chords playing in me now,
heart strings so tightly wound,
little changes making life distraught,
big changes, just carry me in the flow,
till I settle down, and then again,
this goes on and I shall not know,
peace that I've imagined in dreams,
and an end to this journey I've borrowed.

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