Sunday, May 19, 2013

Changes - I

As once the sun rose, it now sets.

The Gentle steps of time, at oft uneasy pace,
bringing changes, slight, so hard to embrace.

Faces morphing; baby, child, youth, then adult;
Wrinkles, before I make acquaintance with one,
another slowly makes its presence felt

Inspirations vacillating, childhood heroes,
now retired, fairy tales all now, untold
chivalry, bravery, kindness, truthfulness;
passion, adventure, desire, love,
all separated from boyhood innocence

Different chords playing in me now,
heart strings so tightly wound,
little changes making life distraught,
big changes, just carry me in the flow,
till I settle down, and then again,
this goes on and I shall not know,
peace that I've imagined in dreams,
and an end to this journey I've borrowed.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Gentle droplets of luminescence revealing concealed expressions,
one quantum of life at a time, with moments tenderly passing by,
the dark, stoic landscape unraveling itself , piece by piece, into
a resplendent, rich panorama of colour and vibrant motion.
The many hues of nature come and pass, the entire spectrum
of life on display, and an enthralled observer, spellbound,
looks on.