Friday, December 30, 2011

Achint - A Resplendent Life

Life is a river, one that is neither ebbed not hastened,
Almost always a long blue ribbon,
etched on the surface of time,
each life, leaving its infinitesimal mark.

One life I knew, was a river of fire,
a flaming red flow of passion, that engulfed all in its wake
drew every soul near, the source of all energy,
it created a path where there was none,
a life that will be etched not on the surface,
but in the very ethos of time.

He left no equal behind, he was the strength of all he knew,
there was never a silence louder than the tears
of those he left behind.

He trod a fearless path, he would ne'er have us cry,
on an occasion such as this, let us pray that his journey hence,
be one of peace and of joy,
one that lets his fire burn,
brighter still,
than the light he left behind...

I'll miss you Achint, you were there for me every step of the way, May God be with you ... Goodbye

Sunday, July 31, 2011


All life's sorrows,
All life's joys,
All to follow,
All destroyed.

All these memories,
had a single constant,
the stage of all those mysteries,
now; distant.

We played and we fought,
but never thought,
that this, once a house,
homeliness espoused.

This is the final day,
My home's in disarray,
Tomorrow, it'll be clean, however,
As I take my leave, forever.

This parting burdens the heart,
As I leave the key,
To my memories and depart,
The memories, the key will be.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Of Sunflowers and Butterflies

I leftleft alone
I, left aloneyou left, alone
I amYou are
I, am waitingYou, are gone
In winterInto spring
In winter foreverInto spring, forever
Left alone, am waiting, in winter forever
Alone, are gone, forever
Seldom does love thrive,
In treacherous lives,
Where love, borne of need,
is often crushed by greed…