Monday, December 8, 2008

Confined - I

Gagged and bound,
not worthy of water,
six feet underground.

Not in death,
buried in life,
grasping for breath.

Trying hard, still,
hoping for escape,
before the final kill.

Ceasing all motion,
praying for rescue,
complete inaction.

Lying in wait,
air thinning out,
Is this my fate....

“With relish and delight, you continually bite at the bait; you are trapped, you fool - how will you ever escape?” -- Guru Granth Sahib


  1. "In the midst of life, everything revolved around death."

  2. Life and death are consecutive and complementary. Life will always lead to death and death is nothing but the absence of life.
    Hence one must be in awe of the other.
    Read as electrons and holes :)...

  3. Hehe, you should write metal