Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Human Aspiration

Simple transgressions reveal,
if you are pure or if you are not,
Unseen actions can unveil,
if you are naive and are besot.

Fickle ideas can impress,
if you are timid and are not bold,
Uncertain winds can aggress,
if you refrain from the fold.

Inane visions can inspire,
if you can see, beyond the wall,
Placid voices will retire,
if you can think, and do not fall.

I want to see,
only how far I go,
and still be me,
I want to know
only what I can do,
against the flow,
I want to be,
only till death, but,
not, only be.

I want to run,
Just look in front,
and be the one,
I want to fly,
just spread my wings,
and soar up high,
I want to live,
Just close my eyes, but,
not, just live.

In every heart on God's Green Earth,
there burns a silent fire,
there's no exception to this rule,
Its just Human to Aspire.


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