Monday, June 19, 2017

Life - I

Life is fleeting, just like these words,
like a tempest, raging one moment, disappearing the next,
leaving behind destruction and desolation,
which also pass, just as soon.

An evanescent resplendence,
followed by a blazing rage,
leaving behind forever,
a deathly silence.

The totality of all these fleeting lives,
a cacophony of peace, rage, and splendid beauty
that none comprehend,
and very few are eager to observe,
yet each one adds her note to the stave of eternity

Saturday, December 31, 2016


A flutter of wings,
A gentle vortex,

Dirty dancing,
A naughty twirl,

Rain drops in the sky,
Luminous rainbows,

Children in the playground,
arms linked, rolling around,

A funeral home,
A maternity ward,

A year ends,
A year begins,

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Open Door

I've opened the door and am waiting,
in the beginning it is easy,
I'm sure they wouldn't forget,
and even if they did,
I won't be so self-righteous as to blame them for it.

Of course this time was different,
I told no one,
they would have to really remember it to really pass my silly test
and so I sat by my open door,
gaily observing the passersby,

All at once I recognized a familiar face,
and a warmth grew inside of me,
I knew they would remember,
but before I finished my thought,
the face was lost in the sea of faces that rushed past my door,

alas, it was his loss,
there will be more,
I just have to wait.
The sun was beginning to bear down now,
the rush seemed to have ceased,

There we were,
just me and my open door, waiting,
I brought my lunch to the door,
lest I miss someone who remembered,
My lunch was done and my spirit seemed to run out too,

I grew anxious and as the hours passed by,
the anxiety turned gradually,
into disappointment, I had dinner inside,
having given up hope, and yet after dinner,
with slightly raised spirits I stationed myself once more, at my open door,

and looked out into the darkness that had enveloped the street as night had fallen,
The bleakness of the night slowly, unknowingly,
was devouring me,
What was just disappointment,
had deteriorated into an internal lamentation,

a trickle of a tear appeared at the edge of my eye,
my heart was divided,
should I surrender to this trivial sorrow,
or should I dispassionately resume life,
where these minutiae have no meaning,

As I pondered, the trickle had transformed into a stream,
my digits were confused,
as they were drenched in salty tears,
suddenly my heart seemed to push against my ribs,
I felt an inexplicable discomfort in my throat,

I eventually fell in a heap,
and began sobbing and continued sobbing till I don't when,
and all this while, my eyes keep looking out,
through my open door,
hoping for someone, anyone

Monday, July 13, 2015

Goodbye - 2

The slightest anguish and a heavy heart that weigh me down and let tears swell from deep within a melancholy core singing the chorus of a tragic tune, make me so circumspect, make me lose all focus and make me feel alone.

Tripping over wires and lines during wistful recollections of easy silence and lazy talk, of complete comprehension and unwavering honesty and falling through a sieve of disarming alacrity, landing gently on cloud of innocent affection

Standing, wondering, fearing, the inevitable moment, that final instant when the cord finally snaps, everything falls apart and we stand staring into oblivion, where words spoken do not echo and all fond visions just disappear, leaving fragments of memories that we try to grasp at, yet fail to recreate, the fondness notwithstanding.

All journeys must finally end, some take one back to the start and others end in uncertain parts, however all the longing for it to continue must eventually cease as all the memories gradually amalgamate and moist eyes reflect infrequent nostalgia and images of what might have been had we not had to say Goodbye...

- Adieu ma petite fille

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The World I could imagine in the last 30 minutes

Cute cats and Pretty flowers,
Macabre tales and epic fantasies,
Men and women with balls and bats,
And racquets and sticks,
Men and women bleeding and dying,
Social networks and weblogs,
Office banter and cheap gossip,
Internet porn and cheap prostitutes,
Meth and smack and crack cocaine,
Fancy gadgets and antique clockwork,
Three star restaurants and highway diners,
Motion pictures and TV dramas,
Comedies and tragedies,
Action and romance,
Mighty mountains and deep valleys,
Vapid rivers and turbulent seas,
Heavy rain and Bright sunshine,
Governments and citizens,
Thatched huts and marble mansions,
Clay pots and silver spoons,
Empty bellies and wasted food,
Unreliable memories and sincere thoughts,
Bondage and freedom,
Sensual scents and horrible odors,
Starlit skies and sweeping plains,
Bountiful crops and ruinous famines,
Naturalism and Abstraction,
Silent melodies and loud cacophony,
Bicycles and motor cars,
Deep books and paperweights,
Unexpected disease and accidents,
Superciliousness and nods of recognition,
Non sequitur and ad hominem,
Laziness and then some more,
Medicines and placebos,
Knowledge and Ignorance,
Conflicting ideals and compromises,
Real friends and enemies,
War and peace,
Day and night,
Prose and poetry,
Nothingness and the Holy God